Актёрское мастерство для взрослых. Рига

Актерское мастерство для взрослых. РИГА

Театральная студия для взрослых. Рига. Латвия.

Школа актерского мастерства для взрослых. Рига.

Для записи в группу актерского мастерства Art Expansion, пожалуйста, заполните анкету ниже



Актёрское мастерство для взрослых. Рига: Один комментарий

  1. Hello, dear Artexpansion. My name is Timothy Mirkin, and I am suggesting stage speech and acting courses and masterclasses.
    This is a training of voice and acting improvisation in movement. Created byYurij Vasiliev, based on Michael Chekhov acting method, with addition of Aristotle’s element concept, this unique training teaches students to explore and expand their abilities in stage speech through movement and imagination, improves acting skills and gives a deep view into psychological theatre.
    I plan to come to Riga on 12th of December, just for one day, and I’m offering 2 or 3 hour masterclass for free, if you could make photos and video of it. I would be very happy if we could cooperate on that. I would love to touch some Shakespeare then. If it interests you, feel free to contact me any time.
    Best regards, Timothy Mirkin.
    WhatsApp +972503479632


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