Acting/DRAMA classes for foreigners in Riga

Art Expansion Amateur Performing Group is offering:

We offer:

  • open acting classes for everyone (level from zero to advanced) in Riga centre (includes voice and speech training, body/movement techniques, improvisation, etc.)
  • open dance classes (level from zero to intermediate) in Riga centre (includes ballet and contemporary dance technique, basics of contact improvisation)
  • participation in our theatre productions in English
  • being a part of our friendly international amateur theatre group 🙂

The project is supervised by a professional theatre director.

To see more photos and videos from our classes and productions, please visit our instagram:  or facebook:

Registration and questions via whatsapp: +37125900830



            «A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM»: 2022

An experimental theatre play by “Art Expansion” theatre studio students. Based on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” play by W. Shakespeare.

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«The Body in the library»: the premiere of 2021

Our adaptation of one of the Agatha Christie’s detectives «The Body in the Library». Dramatized and directed by Gunta Klimane.

The play was born during the pandemic. Due to difficult conditions of work, we couldn’t reach the artistic result we wanted. However, we are still happy with this experiment and the insight it gave us to the realistic theatre and the works of Dame Agatha Christie.

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«The Day After Tomorrow»:

the Premiere of 2020

Commedia dell’arte based on Italian playwright’s Carlo Gozzi’s fairy tale «The Love for Three Oranges». A very peculiar, vivid and humorous show for the lovers of classical Italian comedy.

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